. The Economist Series. Into the storm, it's a time of great expectations (The Economist October 25th – 31st 2008, November 1st – 7th 2008, November 8th - 14th 2008) | 50" x 15' | Collage/Drawing. Mixed media on paper | 2009
The Economist collage/drawings are a series of collaborative work that represent an ongoing dialogue between Narine Kchikian and Mira Burack. The works are extrapolations of weeks in time, all content derived from our verbal and material discussions of the world's narratives in the issues of The Economist magazine. Sorting through The Economist's visual language, we cultivate our own personal economy. Internalizing, commenting on and re-imagining the visual language and shifting political content, we question the influence of the media on the development of our values and minds.
This piece was based on three issues of the magazine – before, during and after President Election.