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The Economist Series. Eight Continents in Collaboration | Variable | Collage/Drawing. Mixed media | 2011
Eight Continents in Collaboration is an exhibition and workspace for dialogue and interaction between me, my collaborator and Detroit and Maribor (Slovenia) community. The gallery space has 16 workstations where the public is asked to add their commentary to collage/drawings derived from weekly issues of The Economist magazine.
We have begun our commentary on each piece by starting collage/drawings, curated a selection of cut collage material, colored pencils, and tape - and have created Rules of Engagement that suggest methods of collaboration for the public. Over the duration of the exhibition, the collaboration accumulates and the eight continents (seven + one for good luck) develop, resulting in new convergent possibilities and communication about contemporary global/political issues, gestures and iconography relevant to this time.
This project is an ongoing, international collaboration that began with the Detroit community and continues with the community in Maribor, Slovenia.

Top left-image of installation in Detroit, where community already have added their commentaries.
Bottom left – detail of installation. Curated materials, which also included collage images in folders.
Top right – one of the works at the end of the Detroit exhibit.
Bottom right – same work, finished by me and my collaborator. Traveled to Maribor.

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